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Good Times The Film (Pt.1 – Pt.6)

GOOD TIMES is the story of Sound System culture. Against the backdrop of the late seventies and through to the late eighties Notting Hill, we follow the journey of one man. A driving ambition to spread black music to a country divided by political and social unrest drove Norman Jay to battle against not only the system but also his own community. Following Norman around New York and London we discover the times he lived in and the people he encountered on his way, each one with their own agenda.
With fantastic footage from Carnival and UK Warhouse parties through the years, the parties plus contributions from Trevor Nelson, Terry Farley, Jazzie B, Judge Jules & Joey Jay, 'Good Times - The Film' reconfirms how London's Sound System culture spawned the warehouse parties and acid house movements and eventually created the cult of the DJ as we now know it.

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